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Maple ³Sense² presented by Ashley Gerry shared a very timely talk on tapping.  He combined some of the reminders that Glen Goodrich shared at the November workshop with his own personal practices.
1.    Use a fresh bit for every 2000 holes.   Make sure the bit is used
especially for tapping.  Don¹t store the bit in a toolbox where it will interact with other metals while in the box.
2.    Drills that have been used for construction and other projects during
the remainder of the year may cause wobbly bits, creating a less than perfect round hole.
3.    Get a holster for the drill that doesn¹t have the bit rubbing up
against leather or other materials.  This keeps it for getting dull and contaminated.
4.    Avoid hollows and pockets in the trees when drilling. Don¹t use
anything to clean out the hole.
5.    Inspect the holes when pulling taps.  This will give insight why sap
flowed or didn¹t.
6.    Depth of hole should be at least 1² up to 1.5 inches.
7.    It is not recommended to have just anyone who can hold a drill, tap
for you. This is a very important job!
8.    Split trees can result from tapping when it is very cold.  20 degrees
or more is good.